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«Who does not look into the depth, will never see the true colors of life»

The Swiss artist Susanne Senn was born on February 20, 1965. Her passion for painting and colours began already at school. At the age of 14 she started sketching with pencil and charcoal and working with oil pastels and at the age of 26, she took lessons in classical painting from the painter Norbert Paprotny. A year later she joined the painter and designer Natanel Gluska, where she discovered abstract painting, which still fascinates her today. Since 1999 she has her own painting studio.

Painting is an expression of thoughts and events in her life and at the same time a play with colours. Her abstract works are built up in layers. In this way she can create effects with natural contrasts. Her approach is spontaneous and open, so that the painting can grow by itself in the creative process. She is inspired mainly by the sea, the universe, the nature and music. A great influence on her paintings also have her many diving experiences and travels around the world.

With her painting she wants to touch the soul of the viewer and pass on her joy of life.

All her art works are painted with oil colours on canvas.

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